Carnarvon Gorge – Mickey Creek Gorge, Baloon Cave and The Rock Pool


On our second day at the Gorge, Mickys Creek and Baloon Cave were on our list. My body, legs and feet were feeling the effects of yesterdays massive walk and appreciated the fact Mickys Creek Gorge was only a 3km return trek and Baloon Cave a 1.5km return trek.

Carnarvon Gorge, situated in Central Queensland is an oasis in an arid landscape. It is around 30km long and 600 metres deep at the mouth. Shaped chiefly by water eroding the sandstone escarpment, at dawn the rising sun lights up the gorge cliffs and the wildlife scurry to feed and drink, while the birdlife welcome in a new day with their individual songs.

Mickeys Creek is an easier walk than the 18km lower section of the Main Walk that we walked yesterday. With remnant patches of rainforest and Carnarvon fan palms and ancient cycads, we walk on the track which follows the creek, we can hear the water trickling as it gently winds through the gorge. Waterholes are forming where the water is held back by rocks blocking its path, being hot, the water level is dropping as the creek is drying up.

The Rock Pool,

The Rock Pool is cool, clear and the perfect spot for a refreshing swim or to splash in the shallows. The Creek is held back by a large rock wall and forms a deep pond.

This massive tree, how old would it be?
During the heat, water courses dry up.
Baloon Cave

Baloon Cave, high up in the rocky escarpment, was look but don’t touch. I would have liked to have investigated inside a little. However, with consideration for the heritage of the site the fragility of the sandstone rock and the uniqueness of the Aboriginal rock art, the Cave is home to native animals and rock wallabies and best left undisturbed.


Other attractions not to miss at Carnarvon Gorge are the Ampitheatre with its sheer cliff walls, cool,  lush Wards Canyon the indigineous rock art in the Art Gallery .


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