Wildflowers of the Margaret River Region, Western Australia

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_dsf3037 Boronia

_dsf2727 Darwinia

_dsf2975 Scaevola

The South West corner of Western Australia, is home to a sensational group of native Australian wildflowers and shrubs, the largest collection in the world. The sandy soil and low humidity are perfect growing conditions and the isolation from the Eastern States has created a unique diversity.

_dsf3033 Grevillea

Being avid gardeners, we appreciated the flowers and shrubs of this beautiful region as we travelled around the  Margaret River area,  and took a day trip from  Augusta to Yallingup, through the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park, Hamelin Bay, Gracetown, Witchcliffe, Boranup and Karridale.

Our wicked sense of humour, couldn’t help but notice how a lot of the towns in Western Australia have an “up” on the end of their spelling. According to Wickipedia it originated in a dialect of Noongar, an Indigenous Australian language meaning “place of”_dsf2806_dsf2831

_dsf2738-1 Stunning Pimelea, clinging to the windswept cliffs overlooking the wild Indian…

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