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Follow this link to our Style Art Photo Techniques site for free professional photography tutorials

A  professional wedding, portrait, landscape and children’s photographer for many years, I love everything about photography. I love taking photos, looking at great shots and appreciating fine art, laughing at crazy stupid images and generally appreciating a beautiful art form.  I enjoy the wonderful people that photography brings me into contact with.

I started in the days of medium format film ( hey! a long time ago, I know), I taught myself by reading everything I could, practicing whenever I could and eventually I made a business from my hobby. Now I want to share my knowledge and appreciate the journey that my experience allows others to take.

Designed for newbies and for enthusiasts who want to turn their ordinary photos into fantastic memories, learn at your own leisure, without any hassle or pressure. The hints, tips and tutorials are being updated regularly and before you know it your friends and family will be remarking on your new photography expertise and praising your images.  Remember, above all have fun.

Photography Tutuorials








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