Birds and wildlife, central Queensland

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_DSC4927 It was a wonderful experience to see this brolga at the Barcaldine wetlands. He was a little shy, thank goodness that I had my Canon 100-400 f4.5 lens lens on my Sony A7r ii camera

_DSC5077 Kangaroos captured in the last rays of the days sunlight

_DSC5030 The galahs were as high up in the tree as was possible, with the rays of the setting sun warming their bodies, before the cold night

_DSC4928 The brolga was almost a metre tall


Staying at caravan parks and free camps, generally attract a following of native creatures looking for a free feed and are generally quite used to human contact


White cockatoos roosting for the night, on the backwater of Balonne River at St George_DSC3642

The possum visited our fireside camp late into the evening, very tentatively we coaxed him out of the tree with a free feed of fruit. He scampered to the ground…

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