Carnarvon Gorge, Art Gallery, Outback, Queensland



A spectacular part of Australia, Carnarvon Gorge is a must see in a journey through outback Queensland. One of the features of the Great Walk through Carnarvon Gorge is the Art Gallery. Images that tell the story of the indigenous ancestors, along with Cathedral Cave are of international significance, containing stencilling techniques considered to be the most sophisticated of their kind in the world.  Etched into the sandstone rock and coloured with ochre, Carnarvon Gorge art sites are thought to have been in use for over 3500 years.

The steep climb up through the rock chasm to view the Art Gallery
The entrance to the  Art Gallery, a narrow break in a massive rock wall 
Climbing up a narrow, steep path to the Art Gallery
The canvas for the Art Gallery images, a massive sandstone rock wall


Carnarvon Creek, So serene and peaceful at the time of our visit, early winter, but only a few months before, the scene of massive flooding and erosion, during the summer wet season.

Sandstone escarpment


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