Carnarvon Gorge – Ampitheatre


Inside the gorge walls is a hidden oasis, a chamber 60 metres deep, gauged from the rock by running water. The sheer cliff walls, a challenge for any experienced rock climber. The air is cool and moist, you don’t want to break the silence. If you believed in spirits, your skin would be tingling. With remnants of tropical vegetation, creating a beautiful paradise

The entrance to the ampitheatre is via three ladders, I believe there are over 900 steps, which is not for the faint hearted. But certainly worth the effort, if you are physically capable of the endeavour.

The acoustics would do a symphony orchestra proud, a place for quiet contemplation, the towering rock walls and open skylight, create an awe inspiring atmosphere within. Part of the Main Walk in Carnarvon Gorge, the Ampitheatre is one of natures wonderlands.




Unfortunately, when we visited it was very dry, hence I am showing this photo below by Sean O’Brien with moss and algae clinging to the walls after a water flow.


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