Birds and wildlife, central Queensland

It was a wonderful experience to see this brolga at the Barcaldine wetlands. He was a little shy, thank goodness that I had my Canon 100-400 f4.5 lens lens on my Sony A7r ii camera
Kangaroos captured in the last rays of the days sunlight


The galahs were as high up in the tree as was possible, with the rays of the setting sun warming their bodies, before the cold night


The brolga was almost a metre tall


Staying at caravan parks and free camps, generally attract a following of native creatures looking for a free feed and are generally quite used to human contact


White cockatoos roosting for the night, on the backwater of Balonne River at St George_DSC3642

The possum visited our fireside camp late into the evening, very tentatively we coaxed him out of the tree with a free feed of fruit. He scampered to the ground and then dashed back up the tree with his prize.

We lit him up with a spotlight, so I could catch some shots of him. He is such a cute little fellow, we were lucky to have him visit us.



The quality of the shots weren’t great, but only my Sony A7r 11 had the capability to handle the deep dark of the night_DSC3614-3_DSC3846

Kookaburras came to visit our camps often. The pretty blue dots on the wing feathers in the featured image really make this bird stand out


Emus in the paddock, beside the road
White heron


I don’t know what this bird is called, can anyone help?_DSC3992


Topknot pigeons preening themselves

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