Camping at Kapunda Tourist and Fishing Park at St George

The Kapunda Fishing and Tourist Park on the Balonne River at St George, is not free, but worth the fee. Camping on the banks of the River with the water held back by the Jack Taylor Weir, creates a back water, that in front of us was beautiful, deep and still, the sun setting over the river gums and the white cockatoos flying in in their hundreds to make their roost for the night was spectacular. The galahs, herons, kookaburras and smaller birds that have made their home in the area were keeping us amused and fascinated.


Our self-contained campfire


Being peaceful and quiet, the sites had power available, however, water is not connected. We were all self-sufficient with water, showers and toilets. There is an amenities block with hot water showers and washing machines and also a  kiosk, but they were a good 5 to 10 minute walk from the bank of the river, which would not be suitable for some folk.


White Heron


Very shy, but a piece of fruit tempted this possum to come out of the tree


At peace with the world, watching the sunset, 





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