Athletic – discovering Carnarvon Gorge


Experiencing Carnarvon Gorge requires a medium level of athletic ability.

Carnarvon Gorge Ampitheatre

Carnarvon Gorge is a remnant rainforest oasis in arid, dry central Queensland. To experience Carnarvon Gorge and its rugged beauty, there are several walks you can endeavour. Depending on your athleticism, the 90 km walk which will take a number of days, we chose the middle and lower sections of the Canyon, which we estimate we travelled 18.5km of the Main Walk

Wards Canyon is a cool refreshing change from the heat of the scrubland of the gorge. Carnarvon Creek gently winds its way through the Canyon into the Gorge.

Carnarvon Gorge Art Gallery

Ochre painted on sandstone by indigineous people, the Art Gallery site is estimated to be have been in use for over 3500 years


Carnarvon Gorge Escarpment


Crossing Carnarvon Gorge Creek


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