Smithy’s Aussie Thomson River Cruise, Longreach


A late afternoon river cruise was the prelude to a lovely evening, even though the river water was dirty, nature worked its magic and gave us some spectacular reflections and colours.  With a nice glass of bubbles and nibbles being handed around, it was relaxing and our host told us of the indigenous history, the chinese market gardeners and the stories of the European graziers and stockmen and women who made a living from the River.

Our dinner on the river bank, in a rustic setting under the stars with a formal meal and entertainment from a fantastic comedian and musician in Doug Stewart. It was a wonderful night.

Whistling kite nest
High above the world
Aborigine canoe tree
The opposition punt, (our boat was two storey) caught in a beautiful scene on the river
The turtles were coaxed into shore with Sao biscuits
Doug Stewart, a fantastic entertainer, and musician

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