Wellshot Hotel, Ilfracombe, Outback Queensland

A well worn hat, with it’s story attached, held together by wire.

Outback Queensland is full of quirky places and people. From the outside, the Wellshot Hotel at Ilfracombe looks much like any other in Australia, But wait. Step inside.

From the hat wall, the cartoon wall and all sorts of memorabilia, you could spend days reading laughing and enjoying the hotel, its rustic characters and their stories and the history of the area. From the indigenous people and the original settlers to the current patrons of the pub. The atmostphere is friendly and jovial. There was always a story to listen to and enjoy.

We had an evening meal and sat under the front verandah and again enjoyed good company. HOwever, our delicious meals were soooo big, for the first time in a long time we took home a doggy bag.

Wellshot Hotel, Ilfracombe
_DSF5100 (1)
Hat wall panorama
Cartoon wall panorama, (However, it didn’t turn out as well as hoped)


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