Bird Life – Lake Maraboon, Emerald, Queensland

Honeyeater?? Can anyone verify this bird for me?

We are regular visitors to Lake Maraboon and choose to stay at Lake Maraboon Holiday Village. We visit in Autumn, when the heat has started to cool off and we can enjoy our caravan journey from down in New South Wales.

Between the lake shore and the caravan park is bushland that is a haven for bird life.  With bountiful food, in fish and redclaw to be found in the waters of Lake Maraboon, the surrounding scrub abounds with birds flying from bush to tree and hiding among the rocks.

Dawn is announced by the song of the kookaburra and is heard loud and clear over the water and the smaller birds add to the background symphony with their softer tweets. The music is halted by the screeching of the white cockatoo. The rainbow lorrikeets in their brilliant plumage fight over the crumbs thrown by the campers and will fly into your arms and hands if you offer food and stand still long enough.

We were lucky enough to be out on the lake, redclaw fishing when we spotted two wedgetail eagles in an old dead tree, on  the edge of the lake. We motored up close and just watched them and enjoyed their magnificence, for a few minutes. Eventually, they flew off, giving us an experience that is very rare.

Wedge tail eagles
Junior Kookaburras
Sunset over Lake Maraboon


White Kockatoo
Crested Pidgeon
Blue faced honey eater
Whistling Kite


Wedge Tail Eagle



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