How to take better travel photos – The preparation

far'n'wide travel

_dsf2113 Sunset over Manning River

Batteries, cards and protection

Your new camera has arrived and you can’t wait to start shooting.


A few minutes and a simple routine will protect your photos and your camera.

  • Treat yourself to a spare battery or two
  • Treat yourself to a spare flash card or two
  • The perfect camera bag
  • Lens protection

A spare battery will save heartache, it is always when you really desperately want to take that fantastic shot, of an unusual animal that has turned up to investigate your campsite. Of that perfect sunset. The list can go on!!

You have been out all day, you have been using your camera and the battery is almost exhausted. That spare battery, fully charged will save you from that “if only”feeling.

Do not store your batteries together, or carry them together. I had two batteries in my pocket, while videoing a wedding and I…

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