Crystal Wonderland, Lake Cave, Margaret River. WA

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There are a number of caves in the South East region of Western Australia and we found Mammoth cave first, however, Graeme is not a fan of caves at all and if I wanted to descend into this for me, formidable entrance in the ground I would have to do it alone, as it is self-guided, albeit with an audio guide. I might be a country girl, but I am a chicken at heart.

Travelling Caves Road between Margaret River and Augusta, we found Lake Cave, I was not disappointed. _DSF2887_1
The entrance to the cave is spectacular, formed in a huge circular crater called a doline, and giant Karri trees stand guard as we descend down over 300 steps to the bottom of the crater, a good level of fitness is required.
An underground stream flowing through the cave has formed a lake. The drip of the water, creates an eerie feeling…

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