The day I jumped out of a plane. Exhilarating skydive.

far'n'wide travel

The apprehension I felt as I watched those before me disappear out the open door of the plane, was soon replaced by exhilaration as my tandem partner edged us into the opening and we plunged out of the plane down into the clouds below. The ice of the cloud rain bit into my face and my bare legs, the air was rushing at us as we free fall for seconds, I am deep breathing, holding my teeth and mouth together as I remembered in the plane, what if my false teeth fall out????

Aerial view of plane Aerial view of plane

Skydiving out of a plane? Was never on my bucket list, but each morning my bike ride would take me to Stuart Park, I could see the jumpers getting ready or watch them as they fell out of the sky and floated to the ground with their parachutes twirling above me. I made a promise to…

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