Fashionable – daily photo challenge, WP

Fashionable , old fashioned or retro. My other half, loves to get his hands on old stuff and renovate it.  Having been a motor mechanic in the 70’s, that ‘stuff’ is mostly vehicles that have seen better days, or have not been shown much love.

Needing a knock about vehicle, to take rubbish to the tip, collect firewood, he sourced a twenty year old Toyota tray back ute and spent many days, cleaning, scrubbing, blacking tyres and painting and repairing dents.

It was school holiday time and the usual grand parent job is to look after the children, while our daughter works. Having proudly driven his polished up ute into town, picked up the seven year Tom and away they travel to do the shopping and head home.

Tom is sitting in the front seat with Pop and says, “Pop, this is really old fashioned”.  Well Pop was quite indignant, “What, my ute?” The answer came back “No Pop, this song on the radio is really old fashioned.”

Out of the mouths of babes!!!


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