Pamper or Necessity – WordPress Daily Challenge

via Daily Prompt: Pamper

C0004.MP4.Still003Word Press Daily Challenge 24th September, 2017

Nesting under the pergola, we can watch the birds everyday.   Why the pergola, why not a bush in the garden. Are they being pampered by being sheltered from the elements and vagaries of the weather and predators, cats and hawks and eagles, by the permanent structure, or is it a necessary choice to ensure they make the journey from the egg to the day they fly.

Their parents spend a greater part of the day flying furiously around the back garden to catch insects, to feed them, and I watch as they fight and sqabble over the tiny little morsel. Why not seeds you might ask, it would be much easier to find seeds in the grass fields and the flowers and shrubs in the garden, than catching insects, mostly while they are in flight, to feed the chicks.

By being fed the protein in the insects, they will grow faster than if they were fed seeds and therefor will be able to fly free and be independent sooner.

So, has Mother Nature been pampering these little birds, or has necessity prevailed and we watch as they fly off to begin their free journey.

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