Dive Bombing Pelicans, Tea Gardens, Myall Lakes NSW

Seagulls come flying in for a free feed

far'n'wide travel

We left the pier where we had landed at Tea Gardens, to walk across the bridge and discover Hawkes Nest. The fishermen were cleaning their catch on the edge of the lake. The dreadful racket of the pelicans waiting for a free feed attracted my attention. They were coming in  from all directions, dive bombing into land. Hitting the water and gliding to a stop a few feet away from a free feed.Ray Warren Statue Unveiling Screeching and squawking as they fought with each other over the scraps from the fishermen cleaning their catch.

_dsf2229Tea Gardens panorama taken from the bridge linking Hawkes Nest. Tea Gardens sits on the Myall River flowing into Myall Lake and  surrounded by Myall National Park, the Myall River emptying into Port Stephens.


Myall Lakes is a magnificent body of water on the Central Coast of New South Wales. We caught the ferry, a quaint, old fashioned boat, from Nelson…

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