Niagara Botanical Gardens – Niagara Falls

Rustic timber arch

Creating its own micro-climate, bordered on one side by the Niagara River and Niagara Falls and set against a backdrop of mature trees, rising up against the sheer the cliff face that forms the Niagara River Valley,  Niagara Parks have established the stunning Niagara Botanical Gardens.

Day Lily

The Parks operate Niagara Botanical Gardens horticultural school, and the students work and learn in the gardens, which follow the river course from the Falls to Queenston.

Standard Fuschia
Bedding begonias and standard fuschias

With cottage gardens, formal gardens, beautiful large firs and pines and other mature trees, the most striking are the formal beds of massed begonias and standard fuschias which welcome visitors and give the locals a feeling of belonging as they follow the road and river to the Welcome Centre at the Falls. With numerous locations to choose from the gardens are a favourite backdrop for wedding photography and ceremonies.

A border of sensuous cannas
Day Lily






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