Bull Riding, Deni Ute Muster

The Deni Ute Muster, started when a group of utility owners would gather and show off their pride and joy and compete in burnouts, drag races and generally chill out.

Struggling with drought for ten years, Australian country towns have invented some unique festivals to come together, support each other, forget about the hardships of the drought and to bring tourists to support their towns and improve their economy.

The Ute Muster now runs over two days and attracts visitors of all ages from all over the country and with numerous attractions, circus tent, non-stop country music from the afternoon until late in the evening there is plenty for all the family to enjoy.

Approximate thirty competitors took part in the bull riding. The rider must stay on the bull for eight seconds. Doesn’t sound very long you might think, but when you have a couple of tonnes of angry beast trying to toss you off his back, eight seconds can be a lifetime.

And the bull wins!!!


Hang on buddy, and the helpers scramble out of the way. The rider is thrown before he has landed the eight seconds._DSF5436

The camel rides were a little bit more sedate than the bull riding!

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