Moss Garden, Carnarvon Gorge, Central Queensland

From leaving the Main Walk of the Carvarvon Gorge, and climbing into the creek bed of  the side gorge that led to the Moss Garden we were surrounded by rainforest foliage and with each step the air was becoming cool and moist. For protection of the environment we are restricted to a path and then a boardwalk.

The water supply to the Moss Garden is seeping through the sandstone rock and forming a little stream that runs into a little pool. It is cold and a perfect retreat from the late Autumn heat. This constant supply of water sustains an oasis of green moss, ferns and liverworts which are clinging to the rock walls. Tree ferns and palms are surrounding the stream and pool are filtering the sunlight from the bottom of the gorge.

Reluctantly, we leave the garden and move back into the main gorge. It has been a huge day of walking and climbing and it is time to head back to the car park for the journey back to Takarakka Bush Resort



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