Australian Workers Heritage Centre Barcaldine QLD

Centenary of Labour Movement, 1891 – 1991, Bicentennial Celebration Theatre

We were thinking we would fill in a couple of hours, but the Queensland Workers Heritage Centre, deserved much more. We could have spent more than four hours wandering through this comprehensive coverage of Australian workers through their unions and organisations from the late 1880’s to the turn of the twentieth century. Starting with the beginning of the trade union movement with the shearers  strike. With representations from the railway, police, postal, teachers, stockmen, main roads and many more.

_DSC4962 (1)
Replica Police station


Inside, Celebration Theatre


A representation of the shearers strike
Mural on the verandah of the Artesian Hotel. Now closed to business
Barcaldine has examples of the type of traditional home called the “Queenslander”. The home was usually double storey,  built out of timber with wide verandahs, lots of windows and usually not lined to allow the tropical breezes to cool the interior of the home.
A typical Queenslander, made of timber. One of the best presented homes in Barcaldine
An example of the early Queenslander home, but allowed to fall into disrepair
Masonic Lodge. Looks like brick, but in fact the building had been painted at the front to represent brick work, when in fact it was corrugated iron

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