Fantastic things to do in Sydney, Order fish and chips from the Manly Esplanade and feed the seagulls on the foreshore


As children we both spent our annual summer holidays at Manly Beach, so it always hold great memories for us. As we travelled in the car for over 6 or 7 hours, and with 7 children plus parents in the car, we were very testy by the time we got to Sydney, then coming from the opposite side of the city to Many, we still had a good hour or more, depending on traffic to go. Mum, was always the peace maker and from the time we got to the outskirts of the city she would be calming us down by suggesting that over the next rise we could see the ocean. So there was a lot of anticipation and excitement.

Graeme tells the story of he and his two sisters and parents in the front of a very small Holden utility travelling for the same journey. But he and the sister next in age to him, would sit on the lap of their older sister and his mother for almost a day. Very testing on nerves and patience.

We were staying in the city and decided to spend our free day catching the Manly Ferry at Circular Quay and travelling across the Harbour, past the Heads into Manly Wharf. Where we disembarked and spent a relaxing morning wandering the Manly Esplanade and visiting the shops. Reminiscing about staying at Private Hotels and made our way down to the beach.

It was lunch time and the fish and chips at the beach has always been a favourite meal for us when on holidays. Graeme’s order was ready first and he wandered down to the forshore where he found an empty bench and started to enjoy his lunch.  I wasn’t far behind and as I walked up to him he was facing the ocean but he was hunched over with his hand covering his kebab. The seagulls had attacked him from everywhere and swooped on his lunch. I burst into laughter, he looked like a selfish little boy, who didn’t want to share his food with his brother.  My only regret was that I didn’t have my camera rolling.

The food was lovely, but we spent the entire time we were eating chasing the seagulls away. They would sneak up behind us and try to fly over our shoulder. Then they would squabble amongst each other and the bold bully would chase away the smaller birds.



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