Composition – Leading Lines

Leading lines in an image, lead the viewer from a lower part of the image to a destination at the end of the lines.

The feature image is the Fraser Gallop winery at Margaret River in Western Australia. Looking through the rows of the vines we find this imposing, spectacular building at the end of the vineyard.

The image of the Hunter Valley Gardens, the line on the right side of the lake, takes our eye along this pretty garden to the feature golden trees at the further edge of the lake.

Hunter Valley Gardens

This old rail bridge over the Moonie River at Nindigully, travels from the left side of the image through the centre to the top of the image

Derelict bridge over Moonie River, Nindigully, Queensland, Australia

This image of Carnarvon Creek travelling through Wards Canyon at Carnarvon Gorge, shows how the water has eroded the rock wall and left behind fallen rocks that have been worn smooth by the creek when in flood

Wards Canyon, Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland
Wards Canyon, Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland

Normally this little creek would not attract much attention, but the rising sun has cast its colours over the water and creates a ribbon of light as it makes its way to the ocean at East Beach in Kiama

Sunrise, East Beach, Kiama, New South Wales

The only way to get to the Wheel House on the Maroochy River, is via the little jetty. Positioning the camera, so that the jetty and the Wheel House are in the centre of the image, we can’t help but feel like we want to walk to the Wheel House

Boat shed Maroochydore River in black and white
Boat shed Maroochy River, Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia

The access to the Art Gallery at Carnarvon Gorge, is through this rock wall. By positioning the camera so that the walls on either side are equal, we can’t help but travel up the steps to the exit to find what is around the corner.

Carnarvon Gore

The Kanaskis River in Canada, leads our eye from the bottom left of the image and travels through the centre of the image, until it disappears into the mountains

Kanaskis River in Canada

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