Coincidence – daily photo challenge Word Press


_DSC5077When a coincidence happens in life, is it merely a coincidence, or is there a higher order exerting its influence.

There are five sisters in my family. The middle sister was the bride and we had all been asked to be bridesmaids. We arranged a day together to go shopping for the perfect dresses.  We were all different sizes and entering the first boutique we had on our list, we went to our own size section and within a minute we all had the same dress in our hands, “what about this one”, “ I love this one” were the comments. Trying on ‘the dress’, we all fell in love including the bride, with the style and the colour and all agreed it was perfect.

Was this a coincidence or simply the gene pool similarities  coming into play?

Living in the country, animals are always on my subject list.

Why is it when you are photographing both kangaroos and cows, they will all stop their grazing one by one and turn and look at you.

Is this a coincidence or are they merely inquisitive?

We were on a 6 week tour through Europe and England and we had a couple of free days in London, so our list included a wonderful shopping experience at Harrods department store. Walking along the street towards the store, we ran into a lady that I regularly played tennis with and we had become friends. She was leaving Harrods as we were entering.

Is this a coincidence or merely the fact that we had lots of things in common as friends, which included shopping.

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