Flying in a storm over the Grand Canyon


We have both flown over the Grand Canyon in a commercial airline flight, but to travel over this magnificent spectacle at 13000ft was nothing but awesome.

Flying over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Travelling from Las Vegas in a fixed wing aircraft over the Hoover Dam to the South Rim of the Canyon was an incredible experience. We left Las Vegas and very soon we were travelling over Boulder City, Lake Mead and Hoover Dam wall. When full Lake Mead is the largest water reservoir in the United States. The Colorado River in the Black Canyon, flows into Lake Mead. On the border between Nevada and Arizona, Hoover Dam, produces water for irrigation, hydro electricity and control floods._mg_8598

We then boarded a six seater helicopter to take us down into the valley itself, to take in the glorious colours of the valley, following the Colorado River meandering like a giant snake in the floor of the valley.

Flying over the Grand Canyon




_mg_8543The rich ochre colours of the cliff walls, danced as the sun gave way to a thunderstorm, producing purples and greys in the distant horizon, while we watched from the edge of the escarpment._mg_8544_mg_8523

We had quite a frightening trip home, as we watched the storm get closer. The plane dipped and dived, and we held our stomachs as the pilot skillfully delivered us to the Las Vegas airport _mg_8591


Sunset over Las Vegas


I must apologise for the quality of the videos. Being in the back seat of a helicopter, has convinced me that next time, I will either pay to be in the front seat, or travel in a smaller machine.

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