Las Vegas, through the eyes of my GoPro

My Canon 5d mk11 with L series lens attached was sometimes too heavy and too conspicuous to take with me on our sightseeing bus trip through Las Vegas. It was extremely hot and the GoPro was easy and fun. We had a great time, revisiting the stories of the movie heroes and elegant hotels and casinos  of Las Vegasgopr9170


For pedestrian safety, each corner of the strip is serviced by escalators, to keep patrons from crossing the road at street level and to gain access to hotels on the other side of the street.


Caesars Palace Hotel

The approach to the Caesars Palace Hotel, we were on the top deck of the sight seeing bus and had a fantastic view


Eiffel Tower


Caesar Palace fountains, incredible


Harley Davidson restaurant, spectacular


Sugar Factory, lollies (candies) wherever you turn
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co restaurant.

The movie was fantastic and the restaurant was a great idea, but for Aussies, the food was tasteless and overcooked and extremely noisy.

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