Squirrels play hide and seek, St James Park, Toronto

_mg_7917A beautiful inner city garden, a relaxing spot for office workers to have their lunch, St James garden not only has majestic old trees, and manicured formal gardens, but, they also had a kitchen garden with basil, rainbow rhubarb, sage and rosemary growing. I am not sure who are the beneficiaries of this little vegetable plot, maybe the church caretakers.


Of course there was the resident squirrel, but he was a little bit shier than our previous golden-mantle squirrels we have come across, and darted from one garden bed to another. Then would disappear up a tree._mg_7896_mg_7893

Coming from the inland of Australia and we love gardening, we appreciate and envy the gardens we have seen in Canada. The annual flowers that we have seen, hanging baskets full of bedding begonias. The stunning borders were breathtaking._mg_7918

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