Tall ship cruising Lake Ontario at Toronto

_mg_7829-1Toronto is on the edge of Lake Ontario, part of the Great Lakes system that separates Canada from the USA. A spectacular way to see the city and have a fantastic afternoon is to cruise the harbour in a tall ship yacht.

When in a new city that we know nothing about, we will often find and ride the local “RED” or “Hop on Hop off bus” to give us a general feel and find out what is happening in the city.  The stop was outside our hotel, so we boarded mid-morning and we were able to get seats on the top deck in the fresh air. We travelled past some extremely old suburbs, the buildings had long since needed renovation and some loving care.

Toronto Town Hall

The city seemed to be in a bit of a mess, with building and roadworks going on everywhere, especially in the business and tourist districts. But we soon learned that because the winters are so cold, down to minus 20 C and the ground freezes, that it is impossible to dig holes, or work outside, all the construction work is done in the summer months. I am writing this in the summer months in Australia, when we are experiencing regularly 40C, so it is a little hard to comprehend how cold minus 20C is. According to Lonely Planet, Toronto has a multi-cultural cosmopolitan population of 2.8 million and they speak 140 languages. Over half the population was born outside of Canada.


While travelling on the bus we got off at the harbour, and visited a couple of cruise options and decided the tall ships was the best experience. We spent an hour and a half cruising in and out of the waterways. It was an extremely relaxing experience with the birdlife flying around us and we enjoyed the peaceful scenery of islands and inlets with the city skyline as a backdrop as we drifted leisurely around the lake.


After disembarking we had a delicious lunch on the harbour foreshore at the Tinto Café.

Our hotel is the King Edward, very grand on the outside, it has a magnificent foyer and public areas, including ballrooms and reception rooms for functions and weddings, but our room was a little tired.

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