St Laurence Markets, Louis xv watch

On a Sunday, The St Laurence Antique Markets,  held in St Laurence Hall, in Toronto cater for bric a brac, antiques, art deco glass and anything in between. During the week the markets operate as farmers markets and food stalls.

We came upon the markets after our day in town, it was late in the afternoon  and most stall holders were packing up for the day.

Wandering around the stalls, just filling in time, we are always interested in history and bric a brac and antiques. One of the vendors had some beautiful old watches on display, and I took a couple of photos and we started to talk to him. His name was _mg_7880. We were fascinated that something so delicate and old was still in working condition. Ivan was very interesting, he pointed out the workings of the old watches.


St Laurence Hall, photo

St Laurence hall was built in 1850 as a meeting place for the locals. It was restored in 1967 and is now a magnificent historical building, that is the venue for weddings and special occasions



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