The bus turns into Lake Louise and the view is spectacular. The Chateau stands in front of the most beautiful scenery, majestic mountains surround the beautiful building. But wait there’s more. Our room overlooks the most magnificent Lake Louise, with its emerald green water, which is fed from the glacier we can see on the mountain behind.  The water is perfectly still, on this afternoon, there is no breeze, and the mountains are reflected in a mirror image in the lake water.

We spent the afternoon, walking around the lake, at the waters edge with the mountain rising above us on the other side. We walked as far as we could and found a stream which was running off the glacier blocking our way, but it was a spectacular walk and gave us an appetite for dinner.

It looked so beautiful, relaxing and what a perfect way to see the Fairmont Chateau, canoeing Lake Louise with the backdrop of snow capped mountains.

Dinner on the patio – feeling very spoilt


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