Titanic Nightmare

When we were booking our cruise of a lifetime, the Inside Passage of Canada  and Alaska with Celebrity Cruises, we considered whether  to book a balcony state room or just take a state room with a window, our friends both of whom had been on the same trip within the last twelve months, told us there was no need for a balcony as it was too cold to spend time outside, once into Alaska. Anyway it was going to save us a great deal of money if we chose a window room.
We checked in and our luggage was delivered to our room. The room was comfortable, fresh and well presented.  Our bathroom  was clean and contained all amenities.  We unpacked, there was plenty of drawers and cupboard space. Room to store my camera gear and still have a nice tidy room.
When getting ready for bed, Graeme noticed the floor on his side of the bed was wet.  He rubbed his fingers on the wet carpet and he thought it smelt like cleaner and we surmised that the previous guests  had spilt something on the floor and it had been cleaned by the staff. The next morning, my side of the bed was wet also.

During the day we spent time exploring the ship and quite enjoyed ourselves. After  dinner we went to the show in the theatre and the Motown Show in the Crystal Room and it was about 11.30pm when we went to bed. I couldn’t sleep, there seemed to be a lot of noise going on and I heard it start to rain about midnight. We were on deck four and there were eight decks above us, so the rain had to be heavy for me to hear it.  Then I heard dripping and water running. This was our first cruise, and I was a little nervous. You can imagine the state of panic when fifteen minutes later, water was dripping from the window ledge onto our beds, hitting us on the head.  We both sat bolt upright.

I flew out of bed in a panic, turned on the light, checked to see if our room was flooded or not,  raced to the bathroom and grabbed a towel, to catch the constant flow of dripping.  We had visions of the Titanic in its last death throes.  Trying to check where the water was coming from and waiting for the siren to sound to signal, abandon ship.

We finally  calmed ourselves down and went back to bed and fell asleep.

The next day we reported our rather unplanned shower to guests services, who sent a maintenance staff member in to check out our room and we were then asked if we would be prepared to move to another room, which we were more than happy with.The new room was on level nine, not only did it have a balcony with an opening door, but part of the service for our new room, was a bottle of champagne each day, together with canapés, which included, salmon mousse, crackers, cheese, olives and chocolate coated strawberries.  Complimentary room service for meals was also part of the package.

Somebody was looking after us and decided we had made the wrong decision after all.

Discussing our trip with our friends when we got home, our advice to them was to take a bucket with them on the trip and throw water all over the room to get an upgrade!!

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