Canada Place

Two storey mural of the war in 1812 at Canada Place

Hanging baskets from lamp posts

Canada Square, Vancouver Railway Station, Vancouver Lookout Tower

Port Vancouver

Vancouver has a village atmostphere, there are small businesses lining the streets, there are buskers. Weather in Vancouver being mid-summer when we arrived was mid 20 degrees C , it has a temperate climate and on the odd occasion dips to zero C.   We are about nine blocks from the waterfront and Canada Place and Vancouver Railway Station and Vancouver City Centre. We find the citizens extremely friendly and helpful, each time we stood on a street corner and pulled out a map, someone wanted to help us, asking where we were going and twice young men stopped to help, with whom we were very impressed. We found Canada Place and the Canadian Spirit exhibition, which was the centre for the 1986 Vancouver Expo at Vancouver Port.

 Canada Place has ten sails on top representing the ten Provinces, it is built on Vancouver Port. The Canadian Spirit exhibition is on the boardwalk of Canada Place shipping terminal on Burrard Inlet and tells the story of the colonisation and history of Canada to this present day with murals, static and interactional displays.  From the culture of the first nation people through the war  of 1812 with United States, including the involvement of the first nation people, to the sacrifice of the servicemen in  both World Wars, the sporting achievements of its athletes in Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Vancouver prides itself on being a friendly city and is proud of its achievements in multi-culturalism in welcoming immigrants.


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