Vancouver to Kamloops – Rocky Mountaineer Train Journey

It is all aboard the Rocky Mountaineer in Vancouver for the first day of our journey which stops in Kamloops for an over night stay.
The scenery in the Fraser Valley as we start our long planned for and anticipated trip of a life time is lush and green with farms of blueberries, strawberries and animals. We are following the Fraser River, and we have a lot of lakes and wetlands. During the course of the day, the countryside gets drier and we climb higher and higher.  The  rocky cliff faces of the valley are heavily timbered early during the day, the glacial gorges are steep and the river is strong, torrential and the aqua colour of the water, evidence of a glacial river. During the afternoon the scenery changes to bare clay rock and soil, with very little vegetation.

At Kamloops, the North Thompson River and South Thompson River merge and continue south as the Thompson River. Here the River is held back by a weir to create a man-made lake for recreational purposes. Local families and couples were taking advantage of the cool water of the river, playing games on the beach after an extremely hot day.

Our hotel the Sandman is located across from the local park it is situated on the  Thompson River and the park is the centre of cultural and recreational activities for the town.  Every evening during the summer the local council have organised a show, or music for the entertainment of the locals and tourists.  The band on our night in town was a country rock band and after having dinner at the local surf club, we wandered over, sat on the lawn and had a very relaxing evening, tapping our toes and singing along with the band.

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