Not far out of Juneau, a thirty minute bus trip, Mendenhall Glacier, even though at over 13kms long, was not as big as Hubbard Glacier, but it was solid and not breaking up.

We only had an hour and the walk around to the Glacier was 45 minutes return. So we set off at a brisk pace, to get as close as possible, in the time frame. We were walking through thick bush, on a paved trail, with ‘beware the bear’ signs along the way we stopped to take photos, whenever we got a break in the trees. There were small streams winding their way over rocks, creating perfect photo opportunities.

Beside Mendenhall Glacier there is Nuggett Falls. Due to our time frame, we can’t get close enough to get to the base of the Falls to see where they originate, but there is a tremendous amount of water cascading down the rock wall.

Our guide tells us we can cross to the opposite side of the Mendenhall Glacier and walk on it. We would love to have had this experience, but we were out of time.

An experience not to forget at Mendenhall Glacier.

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