Hi pleased to meet you, I am Therese and my significant other is Graeme, better known as Woolly. We are both in our sixties, but still have plenty of energy to live life, love people and enjoy what this wonderful world has to offer.

At this stage we are both still working, Woolly is a machinery salesman and I have just retired as a wedding photographer and videographer. You will very rarely see me without a camera and Woolly is always looking for someone interesting to have a chat with. He is looking at retiring this year and so will start our serious attempt at being ‘grey nomads’. We have two wonderful children, who are both married and have blessed us with five grandchildren, aged 12 to 2. We love them to bits and like to share a weekend with them.

When you read our resumes, you will wonder how we could possibly fit all our career choices into a working life. Woolly’s list reads, a motor mechanic, 18 months National Service, owner/operator – fruit and veg convenience store, wholesale plant nursery. Caravan park manager, bar attendant, real estate salesman, licensed club manager and finally machinery salesman. Mine reads, bank teller, office assistant, part-time fashion model, mother, legal secretary, bookkeeper. Owner/operator ladies dress boutiques, office administration, wedding and portrait photographer and videographer, camera store owner/operator, business administration. So our life has not been boring and we like to live life to the limits and take whatever it throws at us.

We have both played a lot of sport, both of us since primary school. Woolly, Australian Football, basketball, water skiing and tennis. Myself, tennis, basketball, netball, water skiing and golf. This involvement in local community activities has helped us stay fit and healthy and involved in an enjoyable social life. This involvement has also cemented the foundation for our family to participate in sport and lead a healthy active life.

We live in the beautiful, productive, Riverina area of New South Wales Australia and live on a small acreage, where we have a lovely home, Woolly has a couple of ‘men sheds’ to play in and I have a large garden that I enjoy spending time in. It is a great spot for the grandchildren to ride their bikes and scooters and play. When the mood suits they also help me weed, mow the grass and cut back hedges and shrubs.

Our first holiday together was over 40 years ago and since then we have taken every opportunity to either visit a local tourist attraction, camp at a local river or water way and lake camping grounds, drive to the coast and Queensland for a family holiday at the beach, visit Sydney or Melbourne for major sporting and cultural events, a quiet weekend away or to catch up with friends.

Caravan travel
About 10 years ago we purchased our first caravan and this started a love affair with being on the road. However, work and hence time restrictions have limited our distance for each trip but with impending retirement that will change.

International travelling
In the last fifteen years we have been privileged to be able to visit England, Europe, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, USA, Canada  and Alaska. We have a lot more international trips on our bucket list.

Professional Photographer
Being a professional photographer and videographer, I wanted to tell our story and share my pics with you.

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