Stockmans Hall of Fame, Longreach, Queensland


Mural inside museum


Setting the scene

Because of time constraints, we only had three nights in Longreach, we could have spent a week.  We needed more time than we allowed to spend time in the Stockmans Hall of Fame.

It was very impressive and would have to be the most comprehensive coverage of any area of Australian history that I have ever seen.  With an entire wall devoted to individual characters and told their stories, including aboriginal stockmen and their women and children who worked the homestead, gardens and looked after the children.  European graziers and stockmen, the women, who worked alongside them or spent lonely times on their own, while the men went droving. Also women who were teachers and governesses.

Mustering the sheep

The evening show starred John Hawke and his three dogs, a border collie and two kelpies, a brahman bull and a horse.  Obviously well trained John and his animals entertained us and one of the kelpies, was quite young and as John introduced “Wriggling Roy”, he told us “To grab our protective clothing if we had any as Roy could end up anywhere.  He was full of beans and ready to go.

The bull will not move
Roy is sent home for misbehaving_DSF5032

The dogs have a jumping competition

Roy is the winner
Roy takes the fast way down, via a cuddle

Our dinner was delicious and John entertained us with music he had written and composed himself as well as all time favourites. A great night


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