Party Time in Las Vegas

Hard Rock Café, neon sign of a guitar

Oh My God!!!! If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t believe it. The people, the neon lights, the gambling machines and tables, the high rise hotels and casinos, most in a theme i.e our accommodation,  New York New York, plus Caesars Palace, Circus Circus, Mirage, Excalibur.

New York, New York, hotel and casino
Mandalay Bay resort

Stepping off the plane and entering the terminal, we are greeted by poker machines. The party had started.

It was unbearably hot, but we are used to it, however, we stay in the casinos and hotels during the day, playing the machines. Spending $5 at a time, the last of the big spenders!! Venturing out into the streets at nights time.
M & M’S world, neon sign
Planet Hollywood
Mandalay Bay
Strip at night

Every night the spectactular water show, set to classical music entertained the crowds outside Caesars Palace.  Further down the strip the lava mountain show, had us enthralled with anticipation as the birds and crickets, creatures of the night, go silent and we wait for the display to start. The mountain erupts into fire and  lava flows.  Only in Las Vegas!!

Eiffel Tower
New York, New York, hotel and casino
Elvis Presley, Wedding Chapel. Our friends renewed their vows there
Excalibur Casino in daylight
Ladies washroom in the casino New York, New York. Very lavish
Rollercoaster which starts inside our hotel New York New York and then travels outside the building for a skyhigh view of Las Vegas

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