Niagara Falls


We can hear the roar from a distance. The first thing we see is the mist rising like a cloud, we can’t see the drop-off because of all the tourists and as we get closer to Niagara Falls, the width of the Niagara River is enormous, the colour, that gorgeous emerald green of a glacial flow. The sun is shining and the colour of the water of the Niagara River is spectacular.


We are so close to the edge of the Horseshoe Falls that we feel like we can lean over the railing and touch it. It is only a couple of metres away and the footpath has been built at the same level as the water’s drop-off. The cliff edge of the falls, curves around in front of us to create the perfect horseshoe.untitled_panorama1-web

The American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are further down the river. If you hadn’t seen Horseshoe Falls first, you would think these natural wonders would be awesome, but, we have been spoilt by the sheer strength, power and grandeur of the larger falls.

We took a tour under the falls. We were 200 metres below the escarpment and the tour took us to two tunnels, which opened up with the falls pounding down to the bed below.  If you wanted you could get as close as two metres to the water falling at the opening of each tunnel. The lookout was on the downstream edge of the  falls at the same level.  From this perspective we could see the fury of the water as it crashed past you to the bed of the rocks below._mg_8394

One of the seven wonders of the world, Niagara Falls is an experience not to be missed. Another tick on our bucket list._mg_7970_mg_7967

We stayed in Niagara Falls a couple of days and each day, we would wander down just to check if this magnificence was still there, the sheer power and strength and volume of water flowing over the Falls is awesome.


A couple of blocks away from the Falls back up the hill, is sideshow alley. It is such a contrast to the natural wonder of the Falls. This manmade monstrosity, I guess is necessary to take advantage of all the tourists that visit and to provide entertainment for the younger crew, but is totally out of keeping with the beauty of Niagara Falls_mg_8070

Images and filmed with my Canon 5dmk 11. Panorama images photographed with Canon 7d and stitched with Photoshop.

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