Natural Bridge spanning Kicking Horse River, Yoho National Park

Quite tame when we visited, but the evidence of a raging torrent was clear. The Natural Bridge, spanning the Kicking Horse River, in Yoho National Park, had once been a waterfall, tumbling over a rock wall, this raging river had worn away at a massive limestone rock that had blocked its path until it had broken through and created a tunnel and eventually worn away the softer rock at the base and the natural bridge had formed. The area is well known for white water rafting, cross country bikers, hikers and campers._mg_7391We were travelling from Banff to Calgary and stopped in the Yoho National Park, part of the Rocky Mountains of Canada in British Columbia. The natural beauty of the mountains, rivers, lakes and dense forests was breathtaking. With just a hint of snow on the mountain peaks, we could only wonder at the beauty of the area in the middle of winter, when rivers and lakes freeze over and the snow clings to the tree branches and blankets theĀ ground._mg_7392_mg_7398_mg_7405_mg_7407

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