Pre-historic creatures, goannas are regular visitors, Discovery Caravan Park. Harrington

Goannas are ugly reptiles and remind me of pre-historic creatures. Their dark scaly skin, huge sharp talons on each foot and don’t be fooled into thinking they are slow moving, they can be quite swift when under threat, whether real or perceived.

Staying at the Discovery Caravan Park on the Beach at Harrington, there was a family of goannas resident in the bush next door. They visited the park regularly. They are quite vicious and not to be played with. As with some wild fauna in Australia, feeding them only makes them bolder and become invasive



Harrington pier strectches into the bay


Trying out the panoramic setting on my new Fuji Xe2.  The Harrington breakwall stretches across the mouth of the Manning River, controlling floods and tides.


Inside Harrington breakwall

_dsf2113_dsf2121Sunset dinner at Ibis Styles River Lodge Harrington. A beautiful hotel with an Irish Pub. We watched the sun set over the Manning River. Our meals were delicious and we had some great company.


The peace and quiet of an early morning canoe on the Manning River

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