Why you need five bodies to enjoy CELEBRITY CRUISES ABOARD CENTURY

The ship is magnificent, not huge, but as we are soon to find out, there is so much to do and see, you need five bodies.

One to eat and drink

Two to do all the tours on shore leave

Three to do half the activities on board

Four to do the other half of the activities on board

Five to find time to go to the gym and exercise.

It is almost time for dinner and we find a very comfortable lounge with large windows looking out at islands and the ocean as we pass, it has a bar and we order a wine and a beer each.

We have chosen to sit for our evening meal at 6pm. The other choice is 8pm. We make our way to the Grand Restaurant and we walk into a very elegant, wood panelled room, set for a silver service dinner, with linen napkins, silver cutlery and sparkling glasses. We are to share our table with two other people, but they don’t turn up. So we are left to share our evening meal with just ourselves.

There are four courses on the menu, appetisers, soups and salads, entrees – which we call mains and dessert. We are hesitant about consuming four courses, but they are small and delicious.

My choice for the evening are a prime beef spring roll with sweet chilli sauce, vermicelli noodles and cucumber. This is followed by wild mushroom soup and with a small bowl, it is enough to enjoy the flavour and ready for the next course.  The waiters are extremely efficient and have the table cleared very quickly and the next course of pan seared salmon, served with fried zucchinin and golden squash, with squashed potato and olives.

Woolly’s choice was shrimp cocktail, French onion soup, with melted tasty cheese on top, and beef rib with green beans and potato mash. Graeme can’t resist home style apple pie and it was served with ice-cream. My dessert choice was crepes and blueberry and banana and ice-cream.

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