Capilano Swinging Bridge and Temperate Rainforest.- Vancouver

For the history buffs and naturalists the Capilano swinging bridge and temperate rain forest are a must when visiting Vancouver.

On northside Vancouver at the base of Grouse Mountain, the Capilano Swinging Bridge is 450 feet long and 230 feet above the river  below. Crossing the bridge itself is no mean feat, as it swings and sways while you may your way across with a crowd of visitors.  The easiest way is (if you can) leave the guardrails and walk up the middle.  As you cross you have an incredible sense of awe for the original builders of the bridge, which was made of timber and rope and was attached to giant trees on both sides of the river.

Totem poles, photos, murals and artefacts bring to the life the stories of the early pioneers and First People, who inhabited the area.

Taking a guided tour through the rainforest was very enlightening. The  Douglas Fir trees which grow extremely tall, don’t have branches until they reach above the other trees. The western red cedar tree, was used extensively by the First People, for their home building, their canoes and the bark was softened to make baskets and utensils for the home.


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